Clarion® 25 Floor Finish with Microban® Technology:

24/7 Antimicrobial Product Protection

Microban® Technology

Clarion 25 with Microban technology is the first floor finish to utilise Microban antimicrobial product protection to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. With the technology, Clarion 25 provides added live-on floor protection for the finish's usable life.

Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial product protection that give products an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew.

While not a substitute for normal cleaning practices, Microban protection continuously fights the growth of microbes, and makes floors easier to clean - keeping them cleaner, longer at no additional cost to you. Clarion 25 is the only floor finish in the industry with Microban technology.

Clarion 25 with Microban technology eliminates over 99% of harmful bacteria.

Bacteria on petri dish-V2

Clarion 25 has been tested using the JIS Z 2801 standard laboratory method and test protocol for antimicrobial activity. the JIS Z 2801 method tests the ability of hard surfaces to inhibit the growth of microorganisms over a 24-hour period of contact.

*Clarion 25 with Microban antimicrobial technology has been tested for the presence of specific pathogens using JIS Z 2801 methodology and test protocols with a positive result. Normal cleaning practices should be maintained.

Hard surface becomes infused with Microban technology during the application of Clarion 25.


Microbes transfer to the treated hard surface.


Microban antibacterial protection kills harmful bacteria.


Microban antibacterial protection prevents the growth of nearly 99.9% germs.

Buckeye is committed to worker and environmental safety, and Microban technology used in Buckeye products does not contain triclosan. It also meets the highest standards for efficacy and compliance with global regulatory agencies and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Why Clarion 25?


Improving cleanliness and comfort in healthcare facilities is a constant challenge. Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are a significant source of complications across the continuum of care. Using Clarion 25 floor finish is a proactive step to compliment a full systems approach of cleaning protocols to achieve cleaner healthcare facilities for patients, residents, visitors and facility staff members.


The cleanliness of facilities and grounds at schools is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff and visitors. Students have shown that student achievement can be affected either positively or negatively by the surrounding school environment. Using Clarion floor finish is a proactive step to compliment a full systems approach of cleaning protocols to achieve cleaner and more positive learning environments. Cleaner surroundings offer peace of mind to everyone at your school.


Supermarket and retail store appearances and overall cleanliness have a major impact on customers and whether or not they return to your store. These facilities receive a lot of traffic that leaves floors susceptible to dirt, wear, and damage. Buckeye can help create a clean shopping environment that promotes peace of mind and confidence for your customers.

Buckeye Hard Floor Care Programme

A floor is the first thing people see when they walk into your facility. To keep floors looking their best, you need an effective hard floor care programme. Buckeye understands labour, resources, cost and expectations are all important factors when choosing your floor care programme. No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, we will help you customize the most successful floor care programme for your facility.

Clarion 25® with Microban® Technology

Buckeye's floor finishes are formulated to produce the highest gloss, last longer, and resist dirt being embedded. Clarion 25 has a high gloss, is self-leveling, and dries quickly. It will not powder or yellow, and holds up under extreme conditions. Clarion 25 may be used on vinyl, rubber, asphalt, vinyl composition tile, terrazzo, slate, marble, concrete and quarry tile.


Renaissance Performance Polymers makes polymers specifically for Buckeye floor finishes. Our competitors buy polymers from companies who do not specialize in making finishes. Renaissance Performance Polymers is the engine that allows Buckeye to utilize Microban technology. Renaissance enables the embedded EPA registered antimicrobial to homogenously exist throughout Clarion 25 in both its liquid and solid state.

Renaissance Performance Polymers helps Buckeye floor finishes achieve maximum durability and water clear clarity, which equates to enhanced appearance with the least amount of labour. This provides the best value for our customers.

Contact us to set up a full-scale demonstration, and learn how you can achieve next-level protection for your floors with Clarion 25.


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