Symmetry Hand Hygiene Programme

“We were looking for a hand sanitiser that our staff would use. With Symmetry Hand Sanitiser, our compliance increased and the staff loves it.”

Teresa Leary, RN, BSN,
CIC Brockton Hospital - Brockton, MA

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) state that hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in reducing the spread of germs.

Symmetry understands the importance of hand hygiene acceptance and manufactures products that people want to use in a reliable dispensing system.

Complete Line of Hand Hygiene Products

Less likely to contribute to dry hands

Leave no sticky residue behind

High quality and low cost products

Packaging is BPA-free.

BPA (bisphenol A) has been linked to health problems.

Symmetry hand hygiene products are ideal for

healthcare, retail, schools and government, hospitality, food service, exercise facilities, manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Symmetry Dispensers

Symmetry dispensers have large sight windows for checking product levels, are available with hidden locks or keyed, and may be customised with your logo, message, and colour.

“We had an ongoing problem with soap dripping in our residents’ bathrooms. However, when we were introduced to Symmetry the problem was solved! No drips, no mess, and we realised huge cost savings!”

Rittenhouse Senior Living | Middletown, OH

Reduce Hand Hygiene Costs

Hand hygiene product costs are measured by cost-per-push, and determine savings by dividing the cost of the product by the number of hand washes.

Symmetry Hand Hygiene offers one of the best cost-per-push in the industry.

International Design Award (IDA) Bronze Sub-Category Winner

Symmetry IDA Award

The ergonomics of the Symmetry dispenser combined with behaviour modification placards and educational signs inspire hand hygiene practices at the source.

Symmetry Dispenser at a school

"Symmetry soap and hand sanitiser have been a big hit in all of our schools. I think my nursing staff has been encouraging students to wash their hands more often and so have the teachers, and I think they are because of the new products. We have had an overwhelming positive response to it."

Janet Thornton, RN and Director of Health Services at Coffee County Schools in Manchester, TN

Symmetry Wash Your Hands Sign and Dispenser

Customisable Awareness & Education Materials

The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Programme offers informative, customisable education and awareness tools that focus on the “how” and “why” of proper hand hygiene to help you maximise hand hygiene practices in your facility.

Some of the materials we provide include:
Wall Charts, Posters, Product Literature and Handwashing Videos


Symmetry Behaviour Modification System

Symmetry utilizes behavioural science to drive hand hygiene practices. As a value-added component of our programme, the SBMS is a set of unique placards and signs with messages designed to inspire and maximise hand hygiene practices.

Download a SBMS Brochure

Symmetry Placards

We also offer Symmetry Visual Lighting Cues (VLCs) for our dispensers.

The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) published a study that measured hand hygiene compliance using visual lighting cues (VLCs). The study concluded that a flashing light affixed to hand hygiene dispensers drew attention to the dispensers, and approximately doubled hand hygiene compliance.

Symmetry Dispenser

Symmetry Hands-Free Dispenser Stands

These foot pedal activated dispensers require no assembly and use the same 1250 ml bags as standard Symmetry dispensers. They are perfect for use in outdoor settings. Easily transport this lightweight stand for outdoor events without fear of rust or malfunction.

The stand is made with UV protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, and all springs, pedal pins, and screws are zinc coated for corrosion protection.

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Test and Evaluate Products in Your Facility

Try our products and let your hands decide.

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We provide the dispensers, hand hygiene products, and surveying tools.

Then participants test and evaluate our products against other hand hygiene programmes.

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