Renaissance Performance Polymers

Renaissance Performance Polymers

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Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program is built on innovation, resulting in the highest quality products that are proven to increase efficiency, produce excellent results, and save money. Renaissance® Performance Polymers serves as the foundation for the Hard Floor Care Program, creating polymers specifically for Buckeye floor finishes.

Renaissance is Buckeye’s exclusive line of floor finish polymers. Other floor finish manufacturers buy polymers from companies who do not specialize in making floor finishes. Some of these competitive floor finishes lose clarity or become less durable over time. Because Buckeye is committed to providing the highest quality products, it’s important for Buckeye floor finishes to achieve maximum durability and water clear clarity. With Renaissance, Buckeye is able to replicate exact specifications of a polymer for floor finishes giving Buckeye complete control over the characteristics of each floor finish.

Buckeye’s polymer research has resulted in longer-lasting floor finishes that can reduce your facility’s strip out cycle. Renaissance Performance Polymers provides value by eliminating the cost of third-party polymers and creating top-of-the-line polymers that reduce labor costs for the end user.

With state-of-the-art equipment, research, and the highest quality standards, Renaissance helps Buckeye construct floor finishes that consistently provide an enhanced appearance for floors with the least amount of labor. Renaissance Performance Polymers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art polymer production facility. This facility was designed with employee and environmental safety measures in place. Governmental agencies have rated our VOC emissions as “de minimis” (too small or insignificant to be considered).

Beyond Renaissance, Buckeye continues to innovate with its patented Liquescent® technology, designed to eliminate hazardous ingredients like butyl, solvents, and alcohol bases. Even more recently, Buckeye has incorporated Microban® technology into its Clarion® 25 floor finish to inhibit the growth of bacteria on floors. As new technologies emerge, Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program will continue to evolve to bring the best value to customers.

For more information on Renaissance Performance Polymers and Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program, contact your local Buckeye representative.